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Inquiries Overview

Seamlessly and securely collect individuals' sensitive identity information with a beautiful flow tailored to your business needs.

A Persona inquiry represents a single instance of an individual going through an identity verification flow and submitting the required information to attempt identity verification. A single inquiry can contain one or more types of verifications with multiple attempts allowed per verification type, or even be used to only collect information. Inquiries are the main unit of interaction between an organization and an individual. Each inquiry contains all the information that an individual provided or was collected about the individual during a given interaction.

Inquiries has two primary surface areas:

  1. Flow- This is the frontend flow individuals fill out in order to verify their identity, and organizations can integrate the flow on web or into their mobile apps via our client SDKs. Inquiry templates define what information is collected and verified in the flow— and how— during an inquiry.
  1. Dashboard- Organizations can access a number of resources in the Dashboard: templates page to understand how their flows are set up, theme page to configure the look and feel of their flows, inquiry detail pages that displays all the information collected and verified during each inquiry, analytics page to understand key metrics.


Persona's Inquiry flow can be integrated in different ways based on your needs.

Use these guides to understand which integration option is best for you, and get up and running in minutes:

  • Embedded Flow for seamlessly integrating Persona into your existing website.
  • Hosted Flow to start verifying without any code or engineering.
  • Native Mobile SDKs for seamlessly verifying in a native mobile experience.
  • WebView Flow for securely verifying in a mobile flow on Android or iOS.