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Simulate Inquiry Actions

Testing integrations using Sandbox Inquiries

Throughout the Inquiry Model Lifecycle, the Inquiry may change status and fire associated events as your customer progresses through the Inquiry. You can setup webhooks to notify your service about these events. Normally, programmatic testing of this integration is difficult as it requires manual interaction with the Inquiry.

However, by performing simulate actions on Sandbox Inquiries, you can programmatically evoke lifecycle behavior without manual interaction. The following are valid actions:

Simulate ActionEffects
start_inquiry- Set Inquiry status to pending
- Fire inquiry.started event
complete_inquiry- Set Inquiry status to completed
- Fire inquiry.completed event
fail_inquiry- Set Inquiry status to failed
- Fire inquiry.failed event
expire_inquiry- Set Inquiry status to expired
- Fire inquiry.expired event
mark_for_review_inquiry- Set Inquiry status to needs_review
- Fire inquiry.marked-for-review event
approve_inquiry- Set Inquiry status to approved
- Fire inquiry.approved event
decline_inquiry- Set Inquiry status to declined
- Fire inquiry.declined event