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Client Callbacks

onLoad & onReady

The onLoad callback is called when the iframe finishes loading and is ready to be displayed. It does not take any arguments.

The onReady callback is called when the inquiry flow is ready for user interaction. It does not take any arguments.


The onCancel callback is called when an individual cancels the inquiry flow before completion.

{ inquiryId, sessionToken }ObjectObject containing information about the canceled inquiry.

inquiryId is the ID of of the inquiry used in this instance of the flow.

sessionToken is a token that can be used to resume the inquiry.

Values will be undefined if the flow is canceled before an inquiry is created.


The onComplete callback is called when the inquiry has completed the inquiry flow and the individual clicks on the complete button to close the flow.


onComplete is not guaranteed to be called

The purpose of this callback is to signal when the user has completed the Persona flow and should be sent back to your application. onComplete is not guaranteed to to be called; it is possible that the user never presses the complete button.

onComplete receives the current status of the inquiry as an argument. These values are passed for convenience, and are not guaranteed to be up to date. For instance, a Workflow may have been executed between when the inquiry was completed and when the user pressed the complete button, resulting in a status change. If you need the most up to date state of the inquiry, please use Webhooks.

{ inquiryId, status, fields }ObjectObject containing information about the completed inquiry.

inquiryId is the ID of of the inquiry used in this instance of the flow.

status is the status of the completed inquiry (e.g. 'completed', 'failed').

fields is a map of field values. See Fields documentation.


The onError callback is called in response to errors in the inquiry flow that prevent the inquiry flow from being usable. These generally occur on initial load.

onError is not fired for network errors (e.g. dropped requests from bad connections, blocked requests due to application security settings, etc.)

{ status, code }ObjectError object.

status is the HTTP error status, if applicable. The code will be 0 if the error was an application error.

code is a short string describing the error.

Below is a list of Persona error codes.

Error codesStatusMeaning
'application_error'0An internal error occurred in the Persona web application. Please contact support.
'invalid_config'400The persona client was initialized with invalid arguments.
'unauthenticated'409An inquiry was resumed without a valid sessionToken. Retrieve one from the external API and pass it to the client.
'inactive_template'422An attempt was made to create an inquiry from an inactive template. Activate the template before attempting to create inquiries.
'unknown'numberCatch-all error.


The onEvent callback is called at certain points in the Persona flow. It takes two arguments, an eventName string and a metadata object.


Do not use data in events critical flows

onEvent is sometimes passed the current state of the inquiry for convenience purposes. These values are not guaranteed to be the latest values on the inquiry, and thus should not be used for critical logic. If your business logic depends on granular verification and inquiry status changes, we recommend using Webhooks.

eventNameStringA string representing the event that has just occurred in the Persona flow.
metadataObjectAn object containing information about the event.

Example metadata for a verification status change event:

  "id": "ver_rMkwDnyoZy6b1jDSofjUtL5z",
  "status": "<submitted|passed|failed>"

Other supported events include:

startTriggered when an Inquiry object has been created in the client.

Dynamic Flow Templates will send this event at the same time as 'ready', and it will not indicate user interaction. Legacy 2.0 Templates will send this event only when the user clicks 'Continue' on the start screen.

start events receive a metadata object containing the Inquiry ID.
country-selectDeprecated. The individual confirmed the country of their ID.

Dynamic Flow Templates will not send this event.
verification-changeDeprecated. The status of an in-progress verification changed.

Dynamic Flow templates will not send this event.
document-camera-selectThe individual is opening the camera for the government ID verification.
document-camera-captureThe individual took a photo for the government ID verification.
document-uploadThe individual uploaded a government ID photo.
selfie-camera-selectThe individual is opening the camera for the selfie verification.
selfie-camera-captureThe individual took a photo for the selfie verification.
selfie-record-uploadThe individual uploaded a selfie photo. We allow uploads when their browser does not support embedded video.
load-camera-failedThe inquiry flow failed to load the camera during a government ID capture, selfie, or document upload flow. This can happen due to missing permissions or a hardware error.
one-time-link-sentThe individual sent a one time link to their mobile device.
one-time-link-startThe individual resumed their flow on their mobile device using a one-time link.
one-time-link-exitThe individual returned to their initial device after sending a link to their mobile device.
completeThe individual is exiting the flow after verifying their identity.

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