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DocumentationAPI Reference

Use the fields parameter to dynamically preset inquiry field values. In addition, if using Inquiry Templates, fields will also prefill form values. fields will not prefill form fields when used with Templates.

All attributes are optional. You only need to include keys for form fields you want prefilled. Individuals can still edit attributes after they're prefilled.

See Inquiry Fields for more information.

const client = new Persona.Client({
  fields: {
    nameFirst: "Jane",
    nameLast: "Doe",
    birthdate: "2000-12-31",
    addressStreet1: "132 Second St.",
    addressCity: "San Francisco",
    addressSubdivision: "California",
    addressPostalCode: "93441",
    addressCountryCode: "US",
    phoneNumber: "415-415-4154",
    emailAddress: "[email protected]",
    customAttribute: "hello",