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Persona's inquiry flow supports multiple languages. Users can select their desired language in the footer of the inquiry flow's initial view. By default, language is inferred from the user's device settings.

Language can be preconfigured by setting the language query string parameter for the hosted and webview integrations, and by setting the language attribute in the Javascript SDK for the embedded and inline integrations.

Supported languages

The inquiry flow currently supports the following language codes. If you need a language that is not yet supported, please contact us.

  • ar-EG
  • de
  • en-US
  • es-MX
  • fr
  • id-ID
  • it
  • ja
  • ko-KR
  • nl-NL
  • pl
  • pt-BR
  • ro
  • ru
  • th
  • tr-TR
  • uk-UA
  • zh-CN
  • zh-TW