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Inquiry Model Lifecycle

An inquiry wraps a single interaction with your customer through a single use case.


Inquiry statuses allow you to track where individuals are in the process, and status changes trigger your configured webhooks.


Inquiries change statuses when:

  1. Your customer proceeds through their inquiry: starting a verification or completing the flow.
  2. Post-inquiry workflows apply business logic to automatically decision the inquiry or mark for manual review.
  3. Your organization members manually change the status of an inquiry.
  4. The inquiry expires.
StatusEvent NameDescription
createdinquiry.createdInitial status.
pendinginquiry.startedYour customer submits a document or begins a verification.
completed / failedinquiry.completed / inquiry.failedYour customer moves to the completion or failure screen of the inquiry. An inquiry will be completed if all of the required verification checks pass. It will be failed if one or more of the required checks fail.
expiredinquiry.expiredBy default, inquiries in the pending state expire after 24 hours for security reasons.
needs_review / approved / declinedinquiry.marked-for-review / inquiry.approved / inquiry.declinedThese optional statuses most likely occur after the user has finished the inquiry. If you apply any post-inquiry processing in Persona (workflows or manual review), listen to these statuses to know how the user should proceed.