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Government ID Verifications

A Government Id Verification answers the question "Does the individual possess a genuine Government Issued Identity that supports their claim to a physical identity?"

Government Id Types

Government ID verifications have an id-class attribute. This is the type of ID associated with the verification. The following are the Persona ID class identifiers. Please note that some of these ID types are only relevant to certain locales, and so may not be relevant to all use cases.

Persona IdentifierID Class Name
cctCertificate of Citizenship
cidConsular ID
dlDrivers License
foidColombia Foreigner ID
hicCanada Health Insurance Card
idIdentification Card
ippRussia Internal Passport
keypAustralia Keypass ID
ltpassSingapore Long Term Visit Pass
munidMunicipal ID
mynJapan MyNumber Card
nbiPhilippines National Bureau of Investigation Certificate
nricSingapore National Residency ID
ofwPhilippines Overseas Foreign Worker Card
rpResidence Permit
panIndia Permanent Account Number Card
pidPhilippines Postal Identification Card
ppcPassport Card
prPermanent Residence Card
sssPhilippines Social Security System Card
tdUS Refugee Travel Document
umidPhilippines United Multi Purpose ID
vidVoter Id
visaImmigration Visa
wpWork Permit