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Resume an Inquiry

Creates a new inquiry session and returns meta.session-token. If the inquiry's status is expired, changes the status to pending. The session-token must be included when loading the inquiry flow if the inquiry's status is pending. For more information, see Resuming Inquiries.


Allowed statuses

Prior to resuming an inquiry, check the status of the inquiry to see if it can be resumed. Only unredacted inquiries with a pending, or expired status should be resumed. Attempting to resume a completed, failed, decisioned (approved, declined, or needs_review), or redacted inquiry will result in an error with HTTP status 409.


Resuming old Dynamic Flow inquiries and template configurations

Dynamic Flow template configurations are versioned, and Inquiries are locked to the latest version of the configuration when created. This means that if an old inquiry is resumed, it will be using the configuration from when it was created, and any template configuration changes made between then and now will not apply. To guarantee that the latest template configuration is used, we recommend creating a new Inquiry instead of resuming.

Legacy, pre-Dynamic Flow templates are not versioned, and will always use the latest configuration.

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