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The inquiry represents a single instance of an individual attempting to verify their identity. The primary use of the inquiry endpoints is to fetch submitted information from the flow.

Inquiries are created when the individual begins to verify their identity. Check for the following statuses to determine whether the individual has finished the flow. See Inquiry Model Lifecycle for a detailed overview of how an individual verifies their identity.

Inquiry StatusDescription
CreatedThe individual started the inquiry.
PendingThe individual submitted a verification within the inquiry.
CompletedThe individual passed all required verifications within the inquiry.
Approved/Declined (Optional)
These are optional statuses applied by you to execute custom decisioning logic.
ExpiredThe individual did not complete the inquiry within 24 hours.
FailedThe individual exceeded the allowed number of verification attempts on the inquiry and cannot continue.

Advanced actions for sessions and decisioning (e.g. approving and declining) are also available for this resource.