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A case in Persona represents a collection of data about an end-user that needs to be investigated and decisioned on. The case includes related objects such as inquiry(s), account(s), and report(s).

A case can have one of a few statuses representing where it is in its lifecycle. These statuses can be completely customized depending on your organization’s preferred investigation process. For more information about how to customize the statuses for a given Case, refer to our help center post. When you create a status, it will be categorized as one of the following:

Status TypeDescription
initialThe case is ready for investigation. There can only be one initial status for a given case template. When cases are created, they will have this status.
intermediateThe case is currently undergoing investigation. It is possible to customize the intermediate statuses to model different stages of your investigation process.
endThe investigation is complete. End statuses can be added and named to model the decisions that result from your investigation (e.g. Accept, Decline, etc.)