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Request IDs

Each API request has an associated request identifier. You can find this value in the response headers, under Request-Id. If you need to contact us about a specific request, providing the request identifier will ensure the fastest possible resolution.

require 'http'
response = HTTP.
  headers('Authorization': "Bearer #{api_key}").
request_id = response.headers['Request-Id']
import requests
response = requests.get(
  headers: { 'Authorization': 'Bearer {}'.format(api_key) },
request_id = response.headers['Request-Id']
const request = require("request");
    json: true,
    url: "[after]=inq_4eC39HqLyjWDarjtT1zdp7dc&page[size]=100",
    headers: { Authorization: `Bearer ${apiKey}` }
  (err, res, body) => {
    requestId = res.headers['Request-Id'];