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TIN Database Verifications

A TIN Database Verification answers the question "Does the US IRS database corroborate provided user data?".

TIN Database Verification Checks

Verification Check SlugCheck NameCheck TypeDescription
database_tin_deceased_detectionDeceased DetectionFraudDetect if the person is deceased.
database_tin_disallowed_type_detectionDisallowed Type DetectionFraudDetect if the TIN type (e.g. SSN, EIN, ITIN) submitted is not allowed based on template requirements.
database_tin_invalid_format_detectionFace Invalid Format DetectionFraudDetect if the TIN format is invalid.
database_tin_service_available_detectionService Available DetectionUser action requiredDetect if the IRS is unavailable.
database_tin_name_comparisonName comparisonFraudDetect if the name matches the TIN.