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Document Verifications

A Document Verification answers the question "Does the individual have corroborating Documents (SSN, Bank Statements, Utility Bills, Student ID cards) issued from service providers that support their claims?".

Document Verification Checks

Verification Check SlugCheck NameCheck TypeDescription
document_compromised_detectionCompromised submissionFraudDetect if the submission can be found from a publicly available source (e.g. the internet).
document_extracted_properties_detectionExtracted properties detectionUser action requiredDetect if the details extracted from the document match patterns.
document_fabrication_detectionFabrication detectionFraudDetects if the document has been fabricated.
document_portrait_detectionPortrait detectionUser action requiredDetect if there is face in the submission.
document_recency_detectionRecency detectionUser action requiredDetect if the document is recent.
document_tamper_detectionDocument image tamperingFraudDetect if the submission is tampered by a photo editor.
document_type_detectionType detectionUser action requiredDetect if the document one of the expected types
document_unprocessable_submission_detectionProcessable submissionUser action requiredDetect if the submission is unprocessable.
document_pdf_modification_detectionPDF modification detectionFraudDetect if the PDF has been modified after creation.
document_handwriting_detectionHandwriting detectionFraudDetect if handwriting is in the document.