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Our API responses use standard HTTP status codes: 2xx status codes indicate success, 4xx status codes indicate invalid input or invalid action on current state, and 5xx status codes indicate a rare error on Persona's servers. The response body contains a list of errors with title and details.

HTTP Status CodeDescription
400 - Bad RequestThe request was unacceptable, often due to invalid parameters.
401 - UnauthorizedAn invalid API key was provided.
403 - ForbiddenThe given API key doesn't have permissions to perform the request or a quota has been exceeded.
404 - Not FoundThe requested resource doesn't exist.
409 - ConflictThe request conflicts with another request, often due to attempting to create a duplicate resource.
422 - Unprocessable EntityThe request modifies the resource in an unacceptable way, often due to an invalid action or parameter.
429 - Too Many RequestsYour organization's rate limit has been exceeded. We recommend an exponential backoff on requests.
500, 502, 503, 504 - Server ErrorsSomething went wrong on Persona's end. These are rare.
  "errors": [
      "title": "Bad Request",
      "details": " is missing"