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Selfie Verifications

A Selfie Verification answers the question "Is the individual present during the transaction?". This is especially useful when combined with a Government Id Verification to associate the face of the government issued id to the individual present

The main goals of Selfie Verifications are to ascertain the following:

  1. Face Image Quality
    1. Poses - Determine whether an individual is properly facing towards the camera
    2. Quality - Determine whether the the image's resolution, lighting, and blur is sufficient for accuracy
    3. Obfuscation - Determine that and individual's portrait is not obfuscated by glasses, hair, or other items
  2. Face Comparison
    1. Determine whether the individual matches a claimed individual
  3. Face Liveness
    1. Determine whether the submission contains features that are indicative of a spoof

Selfie Capture Types

  1. Center only - Only one portrait of the individual facing the camera is captured

  2. Center and profile - Three portraits are required captured the individual facing left, center and right of the camera

Selfie Model Versions

  1. Selfie Face Match - Version 3.00
  2. Selfie Face Liveness - Version 2.03

Verification Checks

See the full set of Selfie Verification checks in the Verification Checks table in your Dashboard.