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Selfie Verifications

A Selfie Verification answers the question "Is the individual present during the transaction?". This is especially useful when combined with a Government Id Verification to associate the face of the government issued id to the individual present

The main goals of Selfie Verifications are to ascertain the following:

  1. Face Image Quality
    1. Poses - Determine whether an individual is properly facing towards the camera
    2. Quality - Determine whether the the image's resolution, lighting, and blur is sufficient for accuracy
    3. Obfuscation - Determine that and individual's portrait is not obfuscated by glasses, hair, or other items
  2. Face Comparison
    1. Determine whether the individual matches a claimed individual
  3. Face Liveness
    1. Determine whether the submission contains features that are indicative of a spoof

Selfie Capture Types

  1. Center only - Only one portrait of the individual facing the camera is captured

  2. Center and profile - Three portraits are required captured the individual facing left, center and right of the camera

Verification Checks

See the full set of Selfie Verification checks in the Verification Checks table in your Dashboard.

Product Versions

Selfie Face Match3.1.2
Selfie Face Match3.1.1
Selfie Face Match3.1.0
Selfie Face Liveness2.051. Liveness improvements
Selfie Age Estimation2.1.01. Broader rollout of new checksselfie_age_threshold_comparison
Selfie Age Estimation2.0.01. Launch new Selfie age estimation model