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:seedling: New feature
:wrench: Fix
:boom: Breaking change
:lock: Security-related

March 20, 2023

Transactions, Cases

  • :seedling: Transactions in Cases API: Transactions are now returned in the Cases API. Transactions that are attached to a Case appear in the new txns field under the top-level relationships field of a serialized Case.

API version: v2023-01-05


  • :boom: :lock: Format and access control of File URLs: The way file URLs are serialized in all API responses has changed. Each file URL now contains a signed access token, which remains valid for 6 hours after the API request was made. For details, see File URLs.


As of 2023-01-05, Graph is in closed beta. To learn more and request early access, see the the Graph product page.

  • :boom: Format of Graph Query responses: Graph Query responses will now show computed stats for the query results instead of the raw result output.