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Inquiry Sessions

Inquiry sessions correspond to a single method the customer uses accesses the inquiry. Performing a device handoff when the customer does not have camera access and needs to capture an image will create a new session using the second device.


Inquiry Sessions and Devices

Inquiry sessions are not the same as a device -- a single device may have many sessions, but one session is tied to one device.

Session tokens

Session tokens are JWT representations of inquiry sessions that are used to access pending inquiries. In browser-based flows, session tokens are stored in session storage, which is local to the current browser window. If a user closes a pending inquiry and reopens it in a separate browser window, they will lose their session token and see a 'Session expired' error. They will be unable to continue the inquiry without creating a new session token or generating a one-time link.

Session expiration

When an inquiry session is created, its expiry time is set to match the inquiry's expiry time. For more information, see Inquiry Expiration.

Note that modifying the inquiry's expiry time (e.g. by resuming the inquiry) will not change the session's expiry time.