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Embedded Integration Prefill



prefill has been deprecated and will be replaced by the fields attribute.

View our migration guide for more information.

Use the prefill parameter to prefill input fields in form entry verifications such as Basic and SSN. See Verification Types for all form entry verifications.

All attributes are optional. You only need to include keys for form fields you want prefilled. Individuals can still edit attributes after they're prefilled.

const client = new Persona.Client({
    prefill: {
      nameFirst: "Jane",
      nameLast: "Doe",
      birthdate: "2000-12-31", //Use the following format YYYY-MM-DD
      addressStreet1: "132 Second St.",
      addressCity: "San Francisco",
      addressSubdivision: "California",
      addressPostalCode: "93441",
      countryCode: "US",
      phoneNumber: "415-415-4154",
      emailAddress: "[email protected]"

Prefill parameters

nameFirstGiven or first name.
nameLastFamily or last name.
birthdateBirthdate, must be in the format "YYYY-MM-DD".
addressStreet1Street name of residence address.
addressStreet2Extension of residence address, usually apartment or suite number.
addressCityCity of residence address. Not all international addresses use this attribute.
addressSubdivisionState or subdivision of residence address. In the US, this should be the unabbreviated name. Not all international addresses use this attribute.
addressPostalCodeZIP or postal code of residence address. Not all international addresses use this attribute.
countryCodeISO 3166-1 alpha 2 country code of the government ID to be verified. This is generally their country of residence as well.
phoneNumberPhone number. Can format as just digits or using hyphens "-" as a separator.
emailAddressEmail address.