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Redirecting On Complete

Set the redirect-uri query parameter of the hosted flow link to your URL for processing responses from Persona. When the hosted flow completes, it will redirect to your URL with an inquiry-id query parameter. redirect-uri can also be set at the template level.

Your server should optionally expect a reference-id GET parameter if you provided one when starting the flow. For example, if your URL is then you can expect the hosted flow to redirect to<your inquiry ID starting with inq_>&reference-id=12345. For more detail on retrieving inquiries with the inquiry-id, see /api/v1/inquiries/.

redirect-uri supports custom schemes such as mobile intents.

If you have configured Allowed Domains, your redirect-uri's domain must be a permitted domain.

Query parameters

Specify the following parameters when creating the inquiry to redirect on completion.

redirect-uriWhen the individual successfully verifies their identity, we redirect the user back to this URL. The callback should expect a GET parameter named inquiry-id that references the completed inquiry.
reference-idOptionalYou can generate and provide a unique id which we will associate with the inquiry. The identifier can be used to monitor user progress in newly created inquiries.

Redirect query parameters

When redirecting, Persona will specify the following query parameters.

inquiry-idID of the completed inquiry.
reference-idNullableIf you set a reference ID on the request, it will be on the response.
statusStatus of the completed inquiry (e.g. 'completed', 'failed').
fieldsA map of field types and values. See Fields documentation.