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Migrate Android Theming from Client to Server


  1. Identify the client-side theming code that defines the theme for a Persona flow on Android.

  2. Use the below table to map the existing theme attributes defined in client-side code to the theme editor in the Persona Dashboard.

    For more information on using the theme editor, see our help article.

  3. Publish your theming changes.

  4. Remove all client-side theming code from your app.

  5. Test the Persona flow in your app to make sure the theming is accurate.

  6. Release a new version of your app without client-side theming code.

  7. Repeat above steps for as many Persona flows you use (also known as inquiry templates).


There are some properties that are not supported yet, and other that cannot be applied without component-level theming (e.g. custom assets and visuals). If you run into gaps that block your migration, please reach out.

Client-side propertyTheme editor Property
colorAccentIcon fill color
colorBackgroundBackground color (located in Advanced)
colorErrorNot available yet
colorOnBackgroundHeader button color
colorPrimaryPrimary color
colorPrimaryDarkIcon stroke color
colorPrimaryVariantIcon stroke color
colorSecondaryNot available yet
colorSurfaceBackground color (located in Advanced)
materialButtonStylePrimary button fill color, Primary button text color, Button border radius, Body font
materialButtonStyleSecondarySecondary button fill color, Secondary button text color, Button border radius, Secondary button outline color, Body font
personaFooterBackgroundColorBackground color (located in Advanced)
textAppearanceBodyText align, Body text color, Body font, Body font size
textAppearanceCaptionSmall text color, Body font, Small text font size
textAppearanceHeadlineText align, Heading font, Heading font size, Heading font weight, Heading text color
textAppearanceListItemText align, Body text color, Body font, Body font size
textAppearanceSubtitleText align, Body text color, Body font, Body font size
textInputStyleBody text color, Input background color, Input border color, Button border radius, Body font, Body font size