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Transaction API-first lifecycle

Transaction statuses can be updated at various points in the Transactions lifecycle to track user progression through API-first flow.

To start we suggest the following statuses but as we build out the integration we can add/remove them as necessary. These can be used for tracking/reporting:

StatusEvent NameDescriptionMetrics
createdcreated-atInitial status. Transaction has been created with information collected and passed to Persona. The created-at attribute on the Transactions notes when this happens.
completedtransaction.status-updated with status completedThe verifications have been run and the outcome is passed.Completed Rate = Completed / Created
approvedtransaction.status-updated with status approvedThe Transaction has been approved. Will be using transaction.status-updated with status approved.Approved Rate = Approved / Created
declinedtransaction.status-updated with status declinedThe Transaction has been declined. Will be using transaction.status-updated with status declinedDecline Rate = Declined / Created