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Reference IDs

A Reference ID is a string unique to every user that is used to identify their Persona account in a way that makes sense to your business. Persona recommends using the same user ID that uniquely represents the user in your internal system, and providing a reference ID whenever possible.

Inquiries created with the same Reference ID will all get automatically associated with the same account, which will:

How to do it

  • Server API: (recommended) Pass in the user's reference ID as auto-create-account-reference-id in the meta object of the request payload
  • SDK: pass the field to the referenceId method in the Inquiry builder
  • Hosted: at the end of the URL as a query string parameter (&reference-id=abc)
  • If your user has no reference-id, you can Update their existing account with one


Reference IDs and PII

We recommend using UIDs instead of potentially sensitive information such as email addresses. Persona does not treat Reference IDs as PII.