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DocumentationAPI Reference

iOS SDK v2 Changelogs

[v2.0.1] - 2021-09-01


  • Added support for Keypass ID and visa government id types.
  • The footer container now has themable options via footerBackgroundColor, footerBorderColor and footerBorderWidth.


  • Standard InquiryField key values are now camelCase instead of kebab-case
  • InquiryField enum case values are now optional
  • InquiryDelegate.inquiryComplete parameter status has been made not optional


  • Relative links are no longer rendered as links in the PrivacyPolicy component.

[v2.0.0] - 2021-08-06


  • InquiryDelegate.inquiryCanceled now includes a sessionToken parameter to resume the inquiry flow


  • Support Inquiry templates prefixed with itmpl_ instead of tmpl_
  • InquiryDelegate.inquirySuccess and InquiryDelegate.inquiryFailed are now represented by InquiryDelegate.inquiryComplete with a status of completed or failed (though can be customizable in the future)
  • InquiryDelegate.inquiryCancelled has been renamed to InquiryDelegate.inquiryCanceled
  • Attributes parameter in the inquirySuccess delegate are now a part of inquiryComplete fields parameter


  • Relationships and the containing list of Verification no longer exists