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Getting Started

Getting users to your Hosted Flow is as simple as giving them your hosted flow link, which can be found in the Integration Section of your Dashboard.

Directing to the flow

To start the hosted flow, link a user to /verify on Persona with the appropriate GET parameters. To test the hosted flow in your sandbox, use the sandbox host domain.

An example link is
Swap the template ID with yours to create your hosted flow link.


To include a parameter in your hosted flow link, add it to the end of the URL. For example, you can specify an Environment by adding the environment-id parameter to the end.

Example URL for Template:<your template ID starting with itmpl_>

Example URL for Template with optional fields:<your template ID starting with itmpl_>&environment-id=<your environment ID starting with env_>&reference-id=user_id1&language=ja&fields[name-first]=Jane

Example URL for resuming an existing inquiry:<your inquiry ID starting with inq_>&session-token=123456&redirect-uri=