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Verification Types

The information that an individual is required to submit to verify their identity depends on your desired balance of friction and risk. Verification types that are more effective for proving identity typically require more friction. These can be mix-and-matched based on the use case. The recommended solution for fraud prevention is to require the individual to submit a government ID and selfie.

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Verification Type

API Type




The individual is asked to provide personal information like name, birthdate, address, and/or identification number. Persona uses the information to check against trusted public and private source databases, confirming that there is an associated identity record and that the provided information matches against the record.

Phone 2FA


The individual is asked to provide a phone number. Persona sends a confirmation PIN code and then checks the number against public and private databases to confirm that the information provided is valid.

Government ID


The individual is asked to submit a government ID such as a driver license, national ID, or passport. Persona inspects the ID for authenticity and extracts the relevant information off of it for additional consumption.



The individual is asked to take a video of their face in real-time, and Persona checks that the individual is live and real. If a government ID was also submitted, the face captured in the selfie is compared against the face in the government ID.



The individual is asked to submit a document such as a utility bill, bank statement, or proof of address. Persona inspects the document for authenticity.


Legacy government ID types

If you are using our older verification types, then you will see the following types instead:

  • verification/driver-license
  • verification/national-identity-card
  • verification/passport
  • verification/other-identity-card