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Migration instructions

Migrating to persona@5 from persona@4

Inlined React

persona@5 splits the Inlined React integration into a separate NPM package persona-react. This allows usage of persona@5 without also installing React.

Only users of the Inlined React flow will need to modify their integration. To migrate, simply change your import:

-import { Inquiry } from "persona";
+import Inquiry from "persona-react";

If you previously included React in your application solely for the Persona Embedded flow, React can now be removed.

Removal of deprecated parameters

The following parameters were deprecated in persona@4, and have been removed in persona@5:

  • prefill: fields should be used instead.
  • themeId: themeId was only a supported parameter for legacy Inquiries.

Migrating to persona@4 from persona@3


v3 is deprecated

As of December 31, 2022, persona@3 and Legacy Templates are considered deprecated.

persona@4 brings support for Dynamic Flow Templates, which represent the next generation of Persona's inquiry flow. Dynamic Flow Templates allow for greater flexibility in data collection by allowing custom UIs and collection fields.

Dynamic Flow Templates support versioning and fully custom, component-based views. If you are an existing customer and are interested in using Dynamic Flow Templates, please contact us or talk to your CSM.

Am I using Dynamic Flow Templates?

If your template ID starts with tmpl_, then you are using a Legacy Template.

If your template ID starts with itmpl_, then you are using the new Dynamic Flow Template and must use persona@4 or later.

I am an existing customer using v3. Do I need to migrate?

You must use persona@4 if you are using Dynamic Flow Templates. Inquiries created via Dynamic Flow Templates will not work with persona@3.

Existing customers who are not using Dynamic Flow Templates will not necessarily need to migrate to persona@4, and persona@3 will continue working for the immediate future. However, we will stop making updates to persona@3 on December 31, 2022. You will still be able to create inquiries, but no new features or fixes will be available. We recommend moving to persona@4 for access to the latest product improvements- please see migration to v4 section or contact [email protected].

If you have a hard reliance on removed features, but want to use Dynamic Flow Templates, please contact us or talk to your CSM for a migration path.

What do I need to do to migrate to v4?

The following table lists breaking changes in persona@4.

react, react-dom, and styled-components are now peerDependencies instead of dependencies, to avoid version conflicts in projects that already use these librariesInstall these packages in your project.
onLoad and onReady callbacks will no longer be passed error objectsUse the new callback onError.
onStart callback removedDynamic Flow Templates no longer track Event.Start.

Templates can continue to listen for this event by watching for Event.Start in the onEvent callback; inquiryId will be a key on the second argument.
onComplete function signature changed to use keyword argumentsChange callback definitions to expect new arguments.
onFail callback removedonComplete will be called for both passes and fails with a new status argument; check for failure with status === 'failed'.
onExit callback, client.exit() renamed to onCancel, client.cancel() (no behavior change)onCancel, client.cancel()
accessToken renamed to sessionTokensessionToken
note removedBoth Dynamic Flow Templates and Templates support custom fields. Contact us to configure custom fields as a replacement.
(Undocumented feature) themeId removedDynamic Flow Templates now control their appearance independently of a separate Theme object.

Templates should specify a default theme in the Templates section of the Persona Dashboard.
(Deprecated) prefillprefill is replaced by fields in Dynamic Flow templates. prefill is not supported at all in Dynamic Flow templates. prefill will continue to work in persona@4 for non-Dynamic Flow templates, but will be removed in a future major version.
(Deprecated, undocumented feature) lockedAttributeslockedAttributes was used in certain cases to conditionally disable form fields in Database Verifications. lockedAttributes are not supported at all in Dynamic flow. lockedAttributes will continue to work in persona@4 for non-Dynamic Flow templates, but will be removed in a future major version.
Event.CountrySelect, Event.VerificationChangeThese events will no longer be sent.

What's new in v4?

fieldsfields is intended to replace prefill, which has been deprecated. It behaves identically to prefill for Dynamic Flow Templates and will prepopulate form flows in the UI.
templateVersionAllows locking inquiry creation to a specific template version. Only Dynamic Flow Templates have versions.
onErrorAllows consistent error handling.
onCancel is passed a sessionTokenThis makes it easier to resume an existing inquiry without needing to request a session token from the external API.