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Migrate iOS Theming from Client to Server


  1. Identify the client-side theming code that defines the theme for a Persona flow on iOS.

  2. Use the below table to map the existing theme attributes defined in client-side code to the theme editor in the Persona Dashboard.

    For more information on using the theme editor, see our help article.

  3. Publish your theming changes.

  4. Remove all client-side theming code from your app.

  5. Test the Persona flow in your app to make sure the theming is accurate.

  6. Release a new version of your app without client-side theming code.

  7. Repeat above steps for as many Persona flows you use (also known as inquiry templates).


There are some properties that are not supported yet, and other that cannot be applied without component-level theming (e.g. custom assets and visuals). If you run into gaps that block your migration, please reach out.

Client-side propertyTheme Editor Property
accentColorIcon fill color
backgroundColorBackground color (located in Advanced)
bodyTextAlignmentText align
bodyTextColorBody text color
bodyTextFontBody font, Body font size
buttonBackgroundColorPrimary button fill color
buttonBorderColorPrimary button fill color
buttonCornerRadiusButton border radius
buttonDisabledBackgroundColorNot available yet
buttonFontBody font
buttonSecondaryBackgroundColorSecondary button fill color
buttonSecondaryBorderColorSecondary button outline color
buttonSecondaryCornerRadiusButton border radius
buttonSecondaryDisabledBackgroundColorNot available yet
buttonSecondaryFontBody font
buttonSecondaryTextColorSecondary button text color
buttonSecondaryTouchedBackgroundColorSecondary button fill color
buttonTextColorPrimary button text color
buttonTouchedBackgroundColorPrimary button fill color
cardTitleTextFontHeading font, Heading font size, Heading font weight
darkPrimaryColorIcon stroke color
errorColorNot available yet
footerBackgroundColorBackground color (located in Advanced)
footnoteTextColorSmall text color
footnoteTextFontBody font, Small text font size
formLabelTextColorBody text color
formLabelTextFontBody font, Body font size
governmentIdHintTextAlignmentText align
governmentIdHintTextFontBody font, Body font size
navigationBarTextColorHeader button color
pickerTextColorBody text color
pickerTextFontBody font, Body font size
primaryColorPrimary color
processingLabelsTextAlignmentText align
textFieldBackgroundColorInput background color
textFieldBorderColorInput border color
textFieldCornerRadiusButton border radius
textFieldFontBody font, Body font size
textFieldPlaceholderFontBody font, Body font size
textFieldTextColorBody text color
titleTextAlignmentText align
titleTextColorHeading text color
titleTextFontHeading font, Heading font size, Heading font weight