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Prefilling Fields


WebView is not recommended

We recommend using our native mobile SDKs (Android, iOS) instead of WebView. WebView integrations experience lower conversion due to reduced performance. Support for WebView integration is only available for Enterprise customers.

For more information, see Native mobile integration vs. WebView.

Use the fields parameter to dynamically preset inquiry field values. In addition, fields will also prefill form values.

The fields value should be an object encoded as a string using a library like qs.

All attributes are optional. You only need to include keys for form fields you want prefilled. Individuals can still edit attributes after they're prefilled.

See Inquiry Fields for more information.<your template ID starting with itmpl_>&fields[name-first]=Jane&fields[name-last]=Doe&fields[birthdate]=1957-05-29&fields[address-street-1]=132 Second St.&fields[address-city]=San Francisco&fields[address-subdivision]=California&fields[address-postal-code]=93441&fields[address-country-code]=US&fields[phone-number]=415-123-1234&fields[email-address][email protected]


Field values and customers

Using the fields query string parameter is intended as a convenience for the end user in a manner similar to browser autofill. Because the query string values are handled client-side, they can be freely modified by the end user.

If you must guarantee that field values are unmodified by the end user, you must use the external API to set the field values ahead of time.


Encoding passed values

The fields value should be an object encoded as a string using a library like qs.

If manually passing values, please be sure to make values URL-safe, e.g. with encodeURIComponent in JavaScript. For example, if passing a phone number with an area code, '%2B1...' should be passed instead of '+1...'.

Note that + is a special case that may need manual handling, as it is HTTP legal and interpreted as a whitespace character. For example, Swift's addingPercentEncoding(withAllowedCharacters: .urlQueryAllowed) will not URL-escape +.


Phone numbers

Please ensure that phone numbers are properly formatted based on the number's country code. For example, US-based phone numbers should include the prefix +1.