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What's new in v2023-01-05?

Changes across the API

Format and access control of File URLs in API responses


The way file URLs are serialized in all API responses has changed. This change affects how you use file URLs returned from an API response to download files, and alters the level of access control embedded in the file URLs.

Old behavior

File URLs were of the form[token]/[filename].[extension], and required a Persona API key in the request header to access them.

New behavior

File URLs are of the form[filename].[extension]?access_token=[token]. Each file URL contains a signed access token, which means it will load the file without an additional Persona API key in the request header. Each URL will remain valid for 6 hours from when the API request was made. Afterwards, the access token will expire. A new API request can be made to obtain new file URLs.

What remains the same

The Download a File API remains unchanged.

Usage patterns to migrate

If you save URLs returned from API responses for use beyond 6 hours into the future, going forward, you will need to account for URLs expiring after 6 hours.

Changes to Product APIs


As of 2023-01-05, Graph is in closed beta. To learn more and request early access, see the the Graph product page.

  • You can now create Graph Queries via Graph Query Templates.
  • The format of Graph query responses has changed. The response will now show computed stats for the query results instead of the raw result output.