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Create a WebView and load on Persona with the appropriate GET parameters. To test the WebView flow in the sandbox environment, use the sandbox host domain (environment=sandbox). Your URL will probably look something like this:


Deprecated attributes

Deprecated attributes are planned to be removed or replaced in the future. They will continue to work in the immediate future.






When this field is set to true, the WebView flow is activated.

template-id, inquiry-template-id, inquiry-template-version-id, or inquiry-id


This template ID corresponds to a pre-set configuration and determines how the flow is customized.

See Am I using Dynamic Flow Templates? for more information on the differences between Templates and Dynamic Flow Templates.


Pass a specific theme to be used.


The Persona API environment on which to create inquiries. For sandbox and production, use sandbox and production respectively.


You can generate and provide a unique ID which we will associate with the inquiry. The identifier can be used to monitor user progress in newly created inquiries. Inquiries with the same reference ID will be grouped under a single account.


Provide an object to set inquiry field values. Each attribute in the object is optional.

If using Dynamic Flow Templates, will also prefill form inputs in the flow.

See Fields documentation.


Deprecated. Provide an object to prefill form inputs in the flow. Each attribute in the object is optional.

See Prefill documentation.


The URL that loads at the end of a canceled or successful Inquiry flow. The default is https://personacallback.

The parameter value does not need to be a valid browser URL; arbitrary URIs such as mobile app actions or intents are accepted.