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Troubleshooting common issues


WebView is not recommended

We recommend using our native mobile SDKs (Android, iOS) instead of WebView. WebView integrations experience lower conversion due to reduced performance. Support for WebView integration is only available for Enterprise customers.

For more information, see Native mobile integration vs. WebView.

Camera capture flows do not show at all or show as fullscreen

When initializing the webview, ensure allowsInlineMediaPlayback is set to true (example). Note that on some platforms like Cordova, this option may be revealed via a different API.

On some devices like iPads, media playback defaults to fullscreen.

Camera capture flows are showing a debug view on XCode's simulator

This is expected; the iOS simulator does not allow a real webcam to be used.

Issues integrating with react-native-webview

We do not support using the WebView integration with React Native. If you want to integrate with a React Native application, please see our React Native Integration Guide.

The viewport looks incorrect (incorrect scaling, incorrect centering, etc.)

Ensure that the HTML you are passing to your WebView specifies viewport settings. The exact settings will depend on your integration, but you likely want something resembling:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" />

See Viewport meta tag for more information.